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This Family Practice has implemented the HSE Guidelines to limit the spread of COVID 19.

The procedures are now as follows :

1.    This Family Practice is no longer accepting walk-in appointments. This helps protect staff and patients from catching COVID.
2.    All appointments must be arranged by phone (024 93851). Patients who call to make an appointment will be asked if they have                             respiratory symptoms.

3.    A suitable date and time will be arranged for your consultation.

4.    You must wear a Face Mask and sanitise your hands at the first designated cleaning station. The Face Mask must be worn at all time                   during your visit to the Health Centre.

6.    Visit to the Doctor or other services will be strictly limited to 15 mins for Health and Safety reasons..

7.    If you are prescribed medications the prescription will be emailed to your chosen pharmacy.

8.    After your visit, the surgery/consultation room will be disinfected as per HSE regulations. All staff use appropriate PPE at all  times.

9.    Medical emergencies will be given priority.

10.  Your co-operation with these procedures is greatly appreciated.

Four further links concerning COVID 19 have been included for your information.

1.  COVID 19 World Service Multi-lingual Videos concerning COVID 19


3. Instructional videos on COVID 19 Tracker App.

4. Irelands COVID 19 Data Hub,









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